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The Studio is now open for individual

and duet equipment classes

In-person mat classes also available

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Initial Assessment

An important step in creating a strong foundation for your Pilates practice; following a postural assessment the teacher will guide you through the principles of Pilates and advise the best way to achieve your goals

Equipment Class

Uses spring based equipment that provides support and feedback for the body. Beneficial for restorative work when recovering from an injury or for adding extra challenge to an existing practise

Mat Class

A group session guiding you through a series of exercises that support the pelvis and spine enabling you to increase strength and move more efficiently. Classes available at Beginner and Intermediate level.

About the Teacher

Simone is a fully qualified Pilates teacher with a background in dance and extensive knowledge of the moving body. She has worked in Pilates Studios for 10 years and now has her own bespoke space in which to share her know how. She is happy to be able to guide you to achieve your goals whether you have an injury, wish for ease of movement or just for the joy of practising and feeling better.
Star Pilates Studio is fully equipped with Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Core Align. It is a safe environment to enjoy low impact exercise that improves strength, balance and flexibility. The benefit of using the spring based equipment is that the body is supported and receives feed-back enabling better alignment.

“ Pilates is about becoming aware of how you move and being positive about the possibilities. Training in structural integration and movement development has given me the diagnostic skills to guide you out of old habits and help you overcome injuries. Even if your movement is limited I will encourage you to do what you can, I am inspired by the way the Pilates method can accommodate everyone”

Meet the Teacher

What others say



“Simone is a wonderful Pilates teacher who has helped me tremendously in getting my body back into balance and out of pain. Her knowledge, skills and awareness of the mechanics of the body are excellent and she has exactly the right amount of patience and care I needed to help me regain confidence in my body. I highly recommend Simone, whether you are looking for a workout or to help with specific issues”


"I just want to thank you for the Pilates session last Friday morning. I had a pulled muscle which you identified. You reassured me that I would be on the mend in a matter of days. That has been the case. The work I did on the equipment was invaluable and the couple of exercises that you gave me to do for homework have also been beneficial. I shall continue with those"

Dr Neville Holyoake

"Simone is an extremely talented & knowledgeable teacher. She is intuitive & very skilled at assessing her clients & adapting the exercises to suit their personal needs. Her calm manner & clear instruction make time spent in her care relaxing & enjoyable & the benefits from attending her classes cannot be over-stated. Simone first worked with me following a severe lower back injury & despite my level of pain & distress, I very quickly felt in safe & secure hands. Over time she has helped me return to good mobility & a life free of pain & for that I will always be grateful. Simone is not only a great Pilates instructor, but a genuine healer; I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone"


"One of the things I really love about your class is that I find I have no space in my mind to think of work/life things while doing your class each Thursday evening. It’s a great switch off for the end of my working week which I am enjoying very much"